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Shanxi Aisen Honest Heavy Duty Machinery Co.,ltd,is specialized in the design and development of metallurgical equipment and manufacturing technology-based enterprises. We provide following equipment according the customer’s need: spiral welded pipe production machineries,Vertical-Horizontal Trimm,Longitudinal  Welded pipe production machineries,Seamless Welded pipe machineries and related electrical automation update, customerized research and development.

The products are sold well in over twenty provinces and cities in China and exported to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa and other countries.

Shanxi Aisen Honest Heavy Duty Machinery Co., ltd. has a vibrant, high-quality team steping ahead in unity. Most  designers and technicians are senior engineers or engineers proficient in design of metallurgical equipment, and this experienced and vigorous design team will provide customers timely and creditable services as they required.  

Shanxi Aisen Honest Heavy Duty Machinery Co., ltd. adhering to the “Customer first, realistic and innovative” business purposes, to provide high-quality equipment, technologies and services for domestic and international customers, and work together to create success.


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